Monthly Archives: February 2015

Living, breathing, wondering, reading
and writing about communication.

Blue Moon’s Green Heart

As part of Meetings Africa 2015 the Event Greening Forum (EGF) hosted our MD, Michelle Caldeira as their keynote speaker to talk about Blue Moon’s Green @ Heart programme.

Theatre of the Mind

Friday the 13th is loaded with superstition. In February, it’s also World Radio Day.

Media – Why Audit?

In the year 2500, when whoever we’ve become discovers us – fossilised in the Information & Communication Technology landscape we inhabit now – they’ll open our heads and find swollen brains.

Are your employees ‘engaged’?

Most people spend about a third of their lives working – and that’s excluding getting ready, getting there and back, and mentally disengaging – so it’s pretty crucial that we love what we do.