Monthly Archives: May 2015

Living, breathing, wondering, reading
and writing about communication.

Stand up for your writes!

Just when you think you’ve identified an emerging trend to be all “thought leader-ish” about, you discover you haven’t. We googled: “write standing up”, and got 68 100 000 results in 0.36 seconds.

Making PowerfulPoints

Riots, earthquakes, massacres, tornados: in time, 22 May has seen them all. This year, it’s also the 25th birthday of the alleged mass killer, PowerPoint.

Let’s go, Lego!

“Wow! Where did that come from?” is something we hear every time we’re part of a Lego Serious Play (LSP) session.

Having A Ball!

What’s the value of a pit full of brightly coloured balls in a corporate meeting room? One might well wonder.