Blue Moon Corporate Communications – Officially Carbon Neutral

By Vusi | 31 May 2013 Blog home

GB_Carbon Audit results_A5 (1)Blue Moon Corporate Communications’ Green at Heart programme recently announced the results of their third carbon audit, which has led to the offset and subsequent neutralisation of their 2012 carbon footprint. According to Earth Patrol, an independent green business solutions provider, Blue Moon is the only Employee Engagement and Events business in South Africa to achieve this status over three consecutive years.  This is paving the way for similar businesses to follow suit and grow a greener corporate South Africa.

Three years ago Blue Moon’s Green at Heart initiative began with the humble intention of establishing a more eco-friendly environment at work. It has since grown into an inspiring programme that has been embraced both internally and externally, by Blue Moon’s clients.

Being Green at Heart at Blue Moon means being committed to implementing more sustainable practices across every level of the business. The programme’s visual identity was adapted from the international symbol for recycling, which implies continuous change. The logo font is lightweight in order to reduce ink use when printing.  The pay-off line, ’Open-Minded, Honest, Involved’, reinforces the transparency required in going green authentically, while serving as a green-tinted version of Blue Moon’s values: Fresh, True and Brave.

Earth Patrol, a leading South African sustainability consultancy, were responsible for spring boarding the Green At Heart Picture 85programme into action, guiding Blue Moon through their first comprehensive carbon audit in 2011.  It was necessary to establish Blue Moon’s collective carbon footprint in order to know where and how to start reducing their carbon emissions.

Through an ongoing series of activations Blue Mooners have turned over a new collective leaf and reducing, reusing and recycling is now a way of life. As Michelle Caldeira, CEO of Blue Moon reiterates, “Sustainability is part of the rhythm of the business, and not separate work.”

The business of growing Green at Heart at Blue Moon is reflected in the results of their 2012 carbon audit. Blue Moon has achieved an 8% average reduction in their carbon footprint alongside an impressive upward growth trend in the business. Says Vivienne Bezuidenhout, Creative and Green At Heart team member from Blue Moon, “What we couldn’t reduce, reuse or recycle, we offset by buying into a community-based programme which supplies energy-efficient lighting for low-cost housing. This neutralised our footprint while creating jobs for the local community.”

Blue Moon’s 2012 carbon reduction is equivalent to taking 15 passenger vehicles off the road, mitigating the electricity use of 11 average-sized homes for a year, preventing 174 barrels of crude oil being used, planting 76 trees, or preserving 60 acres of forest. In the process, Blue Moon’s Green at Heart programme has not only positively impacted the rhythm of their business, but also enabled them to offer bespoke greening campaigns to their clients.