Blue Moon Eventing Goes Green with their Hisense “Living Legacy” Launch

By Vusi | 03 June 2013 Blog home

Picture 92Blue Moon Corporate Communications breaks new “green” ground with their factory launch event for Hisense in Atlantis, Cape Town on 6 June 2013. Earth Patrol, South Africa’s leading Green Business consultants, will be monitoring the Living Legacy Launch, ensuring that all possible measures are taken to offset the event’s carbon footprint.

Hisense, one of the top-selling electronics brands in South Africa, has partnered with Blue Moon to uphold their business pillars of Integrity, Technology, Innovation and Responsibility for their factory launch event. In addition to this, Hisense have also partnered with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), committing their support to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs globally, to integrate social and environmental benefits within their business.

Blue Moon has been dedicated to being “Green at Heart” for over three years and, as a business, have been rated carbon neutral by Earth Patrol for three years running – no mean feat when their employee head count increased by 11% in 2012. Deana Heslop-Mthembu, Executive Producer of Events at Blue Moon, says of their Living Legacy launch event, “Blue Moon is making inroads into the green eventing space and making a difference. We’re implementing the green tips we’ve learned over the years to ensure a reduced carbon footprint event for Hisense.  We’re using LED lighting and have biodegradable gift bags for the guests, and we’ve created a forest on set, using trees that will be planted in the area after the proceedings.”

Other ways in which Blue Moon is keeping the event “green” is by having recycling bins on site and using biodegradable containers to keep water usage low. Guests and press will receive the launch content on a memory stick to save on ink and paper wastage, and generic branding is being printed on fabric for future reuse. The set for the launch is also made out of fabric, eliminating any wood and plastic wastage.

The Living Legacy Launch is a high profile affair with the lovely Jo-Ann Strauss as Master of Ceremonies and the Executive Vice President of Hisense Group International, Dr Lan Lin, in attendance. Helen Zille (Premier of Western Cape) is the Guest Speaker, giving support to Hisense’s community involvement in Atlantis.

In the short time that Hisense has been operating in the Western Cape they have made a significant impact in the area. As well as providing eco-friendly refrigerators and financial support to the South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) they have donated 46 new television monitors to the nearby Atlantis Secondary School. In addition to this, Hisense have planted a soccer field in the area for use by the school and their employees.

The Hisense brand stands for innovation, pushing boundaries and imagining a future that knows no limits, and these principles are reflected in the Living Legacy event created for them by Blue Moon. As their launch partner, Blue Moon has raised the bar on all events in South Africa in terms of being eco-conscious. Blue Moon is committed to keeping their clients’ carbon footprint to a minimum during all the world-class, bespoke events they create, just as they do in house.