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Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 6.38.09 PMWe spoke to uber-human Ross Drakes from Nice Work (a graphic design and animation business) on what’s engaging about working with Blue Moon (and more), here’s (the slightly edited version) of what he had to say:

What was your first job with Blue Moon?

For Kelly McGillivray, we animated a video for an Edcon Conference, many years back…

What work with Blue Moon stands out for you and why?

  • We did an awards ceremony that had a 21 minute accreditation once – but the show looked amazing.chicken text
  • The Exxaro Evergreen Awards were really cool, especially when we got the management team to do the shuffle.
  • We also created a memorable 120 side animated presentation for a client that takes one whole work day to get through.

Niceparty36Any funny moments?

  • I have been chased across a room with a spanner by a producer – who shall not be named!
  • Lucinda does not know the difference between and m and an n dash (well, ask her that, and see what she says).
  • We have seen the team eat 4 buckets for Kentucky in 30 minutes and love it.
  • I watched Sarah use mind control on a client to get him to agree with her.
  • Holding the hand rail at Anglo… every time.
  • Sarah dancing barefoot to ’90s Hip Hop at 4am at our office party.
  • I got work on a Night of the Stars job with Ashleigh Hayden – she was my childhood crush.

What’s good about working with Blue Moon?

  • The people are super nice.
  • They have your back as a supplier and that is why we are so loyal in return… Thank you and Happy 25 Blue Moon!

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