Bonolo Talks Teamwork at Blue Moon

By Vusi | 16 April 2013 Blog home

Picture 83Bonolo Budaki is big on teamwork and client service; he told us about his role as a Producer at Blue Moon in our interview below: 

I joined Blue Moon on 27 January, 2010. I met with Michelle and said how much I wanted to work at Blue Moon. The interview took about five minutes and I started on 1 February…

 On a daily basis I meet with clients, compile budgets, schedule projects and manage suppliers.

Deadlines are sometimes impossible but we always make a plan.

 What I most enjoy about being a Producer is meeting new clients and travelling.

Teamwork at Blue Moon is core to production work and we all come together when it’s needed.

My top teamwork tips are:

#1: Give clear instructions

#2: Ask if you don’t understand

#3: Always give feedback in time

#4: Respect your team.

Under pressure, my production style is to step back for two minutes and review the situation.

 My role models at Blue Moon are Michelle, Graham and NJ.

In five years’ time I see myself being an Executive Producer.

After a hectic job I spend quality time with my family.

Outside of work I enjoy travelling, reading and playing pool (snooker).

One thing my colleagues don’t know about me is I’m not telling! Just kidding, I like cheetahs.