Deniel: Traffic Calming Ahead!

By Vusi | 29 November 2013 Blog home

Deniel 3Deniel has been at Blue Moon for just over eight months and has more than proved her mettle by trafficking one of our biggest accounts. She has now taken on the role of Traffic Coordinator for the entire Integrated Employee Engagement Department (IEE). She shares some of her wisdom (and wit!) with us here:  

As Traffic Coordinator I (in a nutshell) arrange all work schedules, work and resources to ensure efficient workflow.

The five things I do every day to keep up to speed are… Five cups of coffee! Actually, I hardly ever sit at my desk for long periods of time, it’s very important for me to move around and keep everyone else up to speed. Things change so quickly in our industry. So communicate, communicate, communicate, communicate, communicate!

My biggest challenge is the fact that I can’t plan or predict my day.

Teamwork is not important – it’s crucial… When you see a poster, wall talker, AV or any other element that we produce, it’s not because of one person’s efforts – it takes a whole team of people to provide a quality end-product to our clients.

It is a joy to work on anything that allows us to express our creative talent.

I loved working on the project Blue Moon did with a children’s home called Siyabonga Children’s Cottages. It was inspirational to have so many Blue Mooners come together on a Sunday afternoon to take the kids to Acrobranch. They also opened up their wallets to buy clothes, toys and books, for all 23 children.

Blue Moon is a great place to work because of the cake! It’s also rare to find a company that encourages growth and makes it so easy for anyone to excel in what they do.

I am most inspired by my three children, they teach me a lot about myself and life. Never a dull moment and I couldn’t live without them.

In five years time I will have completed my studies…

If I need to relax I find a quiet corner and sit in silence for at least 30 minutes.

Over the Festive Season holiday I’ll be at home. The nice thing about Gauteng over December is that most people go away on holiday, so no crowds and queues. I find it very relaxing.

My colleagues don’t know that I used to be a ballerina.