Designer by Day, Cake Creator by Night…

By Vusi | 28 September 2012 Blog home

Blue Moon loves the fact that our people are so multi-skilled, and our different passions are reflected in the dedication and diversity of our work.  Lee Ndinisa, a designer at Blue Moon, has taken his love for creating sweet treats to a new level. We find out more…

Hi Lee! So tell us what your new small business is called.

My business is called Moo Large Pastry. Moo as in the sound a cow makes. Large as in large. [Laughs].

Love the name! How did it all come about?

We always baked at home when I was small, and it became a thing I’d indulge in after a long day at the office. Then in February I was looking for something extra to do on the side, and I enquired about a part-time pastry course in Lonehill. Then they told me how much it cost…

Right… So you used the skills you already had?

Well, I started to look for alternatives. I asked a friend who works for one of the big hotels in Melrose Arch to teach me more about pastry making. From there we started making more cakes than we could handle, burning the midnight oil towards the end of the week. Initially it was hard, but I got used to it!

But Moo Large Pastry is just you, on your own, right?

Yes, after seven months I decided to branch out on my own. Now I’m doing it the “Lee” way. I’ve learnt such a lot this year, that’s why Moo Large Pastry was born.

You’re an artist at work as a designer. How creative do you have to be in your personal venture?

There’s actually no difference. Instead of using my Adobe Suite I use my hands to design and model plastic icing to butter icing.

Sounds (and looks and tastes) fantastic! Do you have a vision for where your business will be in five years’ time?

Yes. I’ll open up a pastry shop where I’ll showcase the best of my creations. Plus, I’ll be able to employ people who are as passionate about pastry as I am!

How do you find the time to do work, life and a small business?

This is how I do it… I run three businesses: Blue Moon Lee’s Desk Incorporated, Moo Large Pastry and Lee’s Life Unlimited. Funny thing about this is, I get to do my Blue Moon work during the day, move on to Moo Large Pastry at night (on Thursday, Friday and Saturday), and Lee Unlimited is not limited to any schedule.

Are you supported by your Blue Moon colleagues?

Indeed! I have lots of support from Blue Moon – Michelle, Trudy, Charlotte, Lebo, Tumi, Alfonso, Nhlanhla and many more. If your name’s not here you must order! [Laughs].

What makes your creations so delicious?

I’ve learned from the best and now I can offer the same taste and quality at a fraction of the price.

What advice do you have for people thinking of starting a small business?

I challenge everyone not to postpone what they’re thinking of doing. You never know what’s on the other side of your passion. Do it now!

Lastly, what’s your “signature” creation?

It’s a lollipop-shaped cake, with any kind of cake filling inside that you could wish for – vanilla, chocolate or even red velvet cake.

Contact Lee on: 083 509 5664