Fresh, True and Brave Awards

By Vusi | 09 January 2013 Blog home

Every quarter Blue Moon recognises winners within the three categories of the Blue Moon Values of Fresh, True and Brave – with the final annual awards being held at the end of each year. As well as awards in each Value category, there is also an overall Fresh, True and Brave winner who embodies all of the Values. Blue Mooners nominate their peers and the quality of many of the nominations is worth highlighting. They reflect the respect that Blue Moon colleagues have for one another.

Fresh Award Runner-Up: Alfonso

 “Always remains fresh in approach even when work has been discarded because of changing client needs or re-briefs.”

“Looks at system improvement and keeping others up to speed.”

“From new designer apparel to designing new apps, Alfonso takes Fresh to a whole new level!”

Runner-Up: Nhlanhla

“His attitude… his swag and a manner that is open to suggestion. The way he makes his work the work of everyone. Great guy to work with.”

“He always brings something fresh and unconventional to his designs – surprising me all the time. He is not afraid to try way-out or different things.”

“Nhlanhla is committed to getting the job done. He has good ideas and takes ownership. He is also very funny.”

Winner: Dikeledi

“Dikeledi is an asset to our team, juggling many balls all at once and she is a gem in brainstorms, often coming up with the concept name or idea.”

“She is always open to challenging her clients, colleagues and herself to ensure the end product is True to Blue Moon standards.”

“Full of fire, willing to face any situation head on…”



True Award

Runner-Up: Norman

“Mr Reliability! Hats off for the best attitude!”

“Norman embodies the essence of Blue Moon. He is original, unique, dedicated, reliable and truly committed to meeting the needs of his clients.”

“Unique in his thinking, with a positive ‘can do’ attitude; always willing to help and totally committed to his clients (and his dress sense).”

Runner-Up: Shakira

“She always has unique ideas and a fresh way of looking at concepts. Her input in any situation is always interesting and highly valued.”

“Shakira is passionate about taking care of her clients’ needs; she goes above and beyond and will always come up with a solution to a ‘challenge’.”

“Shakira epitomises the ‘can do’ employee that Blue Moon is famous for, and her diligence and hard work makes her an ideal candidate for the overall FTB award.”

Winner: Xoli

“She works quietly and you’ll never hear her complain. I have seen her handle big events week in, week out. She is truly one of the strongest Producers we have on our team.”

“Xoli has built consistently excellent client relationships and her work on Leadership is an outstanding example of production excellence.”

“Xoli is a pillar of strength to many people at Blue Moon. She is brave and open and not afraid to be honest, even when the going gets tough.”

 Brave Award

Runner-Up: Graham

“Graham’s leadership skills – he pushes his team to excel at all times to deliver great work.”

“Incredible resilience throughout the year. Humility and bravery in taking on and accommodating a much larger team on an account he pioneered – and dealing with the changes that this brought.”

“Leading a big team, Graham has shown that we have a true leader in our midst. He is always there when you need him. His knowledge on production is priceless.”

 Runner-Up: Lynne

“Lynne works tirelessly at ensuring our finances are well managed. Having to deal with many different personalities and working methods, she somehow finds a way to keep on top of all of it. Producers are expected to keep many balls up in the air, but Lynne has mastered the art of it.”

“For all the help with the budget recons. Thank you Lynne, for your patience.”

“Lynne always has a full desk, constant deadlines and a building full of people all wanting something done urgently. Even though she has all this pressure I have never seen Lynne be rude to anyone or dismiss any query no matter how trivial.”

Winner: Lebo

“This year she has been the ambassador for Blue Moon as well as our clients all over, in all regions. She has travelled extensively, sometimes at the drop of the hat, while always arriving with a smile!”

“So strong! Never complains! No matter what!”

“Lebo works tirelessly, always trying her best; she is true to her work and exceptionally committed; she thinks ahead and always tries to look at things from a fresh perspective. She always puts on a brave front, no matter what! And she is the most glamorous producer I know!”

Overall Fresh, True and Brave Award Winner: Lucinda

“Lucinda is probably one of the funniest and most diligent and thorough people I’ve ever worked with. She treats everyone with respect and I have never seen her snap at anyone despite always being under a lot of pressure. I absolutely love working with her.”

“Wise, consistent and just the right amount of dramatic, Lucinda is a True Blue Mooner. From her spotless work ethic and delivery to the way that she nurtures the rest of us, Lu is the true glue in the creative zoo!”

“For always, always delivering work that is as close to perfection as I have ever seen. For never, ever compromising on quality. For always making the time to help others be the best they can be. For her kindness and generosity of spirit and her ability to make every person she comes into contact with feel so special. “

 Thank you to all the nominators, runners up and winners!