How To Get the Best Out of Your Artists

By Vusi | 11 March 2015 Blog home

Producing the Metro FM Music Awards for the third year running, we know it’s critical to work with artists in a way that makes it possible for them to give their absolute best, “on the night”.


Top tips: 

# 1 Top-quality direction

Make sure you contract the best show, musical and choreography directors out there. When a professional and respected team directs your performers, they understand the bigger creative endeavour (and it cuts down on rehearsal time, too).

Top Quality Direction_Blue Moon# 2 Never assume anything

Here, the brief you give can make or break you. Make sure you know exactly what your performers expect – rider requirements, rehearsal schedules accommodating their availability, down time, etc – and be sure they know what you expect from them in return. It’s also important to be clear on whether they prefer to be contacted directly or through their manager.

Never Assume Anything_Blue Moon# 3 To tweet or not to tweet

Make sure that everyone understands the client’s rules and expectations in the social media space: what cannot be shared, what can be shared, when, and by whom, and whether or not there are hashtags to focus on.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet_Blue Moon# 4 Embrace their creativity

Artists are creative and clever. Involve them from the start. When brainstorming, invite their contributions and ideas. You’ll get a better show in the end.

Embrace Creativity_Blue Moon# 5 Collaborate

Yes, we’re all just people, but remember that directors and performers have worked hard to achieve a certain status… so be nice!

Collaborate_Blue Moon

For more tips, or to get in touch with our highly experienced Events division, please feel free to enquire below.