Green at Heart: Approaching Green in 2013

By Vusi | 24 January 2013 Blog home

This time last year, Blue Moon’s organisational carbon footprint had decreased by 10% from the previous year.  This was partly as a result of an internal campaign and related initiatives to be more responsible with our resources and accountable in our business, proving that knowledge really is power – and not necessarily the electrical kind!

 Green At Heart

When we first initiated our internal Green At Heart campaign at the beginning of 2011, we enlisted the services of local ‘green gurus’, Earth Patrol to assess where we were on the South African ‘greenometer’ and advise on areas of improvement.  Two years and two carbon audits later we remain operational as a certified carbon neutral organisation with an ever-decreasing carbon footprint.

 Green for our clients

As a team of individuals who have grown in awareness and understanding of sustainable practices, we are very proud of our collective achievement and are keen to advocate the Green At Heart message to all our clients and business associates so that they too may benefit from our carbon neutral status.  In addition, we will soon be able to offer the option of running ‘green’ events which can be audited to establish carbon neutrality for our clients.

 Why have green events?

According to King lll, the top 100 JSE-listed companies are required to disclose their carbon status in order to trade on our stock exchange, but over the next few years this will begin to affect more and more listed companies as well as those trading into international markets.  With this obligatory transparency comes the importance of partnering with suppliers who have a certified green conscience and a natural instinct for ethical and sustainable business practices.  In doing so, they can be assured that all purchasing decisions are made with issues like carbon footprints, global warming, Fairtrade, animal welfare and good governance in mind, positioning them as ethical traders.  As eventing impacts nearly all of these factors, it is becoming more important to include a green strategy as part of corporate eventing to maintain ethical accountability.

 Making a meaningful difference

As Blue Moon is Green At Heart, and growing greener every day, we are always striving to make a meaningful difference to our clients by offering a comprehensive greening and carbon management solution for their event needs – treading lightly while still making a big impact!  To the best of our knowledge, there is still no other local corporate communications company that offers a comprehensive and turnkey green eventing solution.  That’s one small carbon neutral step for Blue Moon but a giant leap for our clients in 2013 and beyond!