Green at Heart – Inspiring a Green Movement

By Vusi | 15 June 2012 Blog home

“The human race is living beyond its means. The lifestyles and choices made by the wealthiest threaten our future while a billion people go to bed hungry every night.” – Tricia O’Rourke, Oxfam International.

We’re balancing on the tipping point before the damage caused by global consumption becomes irreversible (Earth Cannot Carry Our Load)), therefore it’s critical that we, and our clients, realise our stake in the future. Creating our company and country dynamic is up to us, and being environmentally responsible triggers a cycle of sustainability, which is exactly why green practices should be a key part of integrated employee engagement (IEE).

Michelle Caldeira, MD at Blue Moon, sees sustainability as enhancing our communication and strategic initiatives: “Our innovative clients have gone beyond transformation and CSI, taking on a more holistic approach. Employee communication speaks to going green. We engage employees on a level that shows them the impact of their role environmentally.”

Nudging clients towards holding greener conferences is also part of integrated employee engagement. Here are some tips:

  • Make a public commitment to holding a green event as early as possible
  • Choose a venue that supports sustainability, for overnighters: optional towel reuse, bulk dispensers for soaps and shampoo, and newspapers on request
  • Minimise the travelling distance or arrange group transport to the venue
  • Consider the environmental impact of conference gifts
  • Use a venue with as much natural light as possible and turn off lights, air conditioners and equipment when the room isn’t in use
  • Be conscious of food supply and wastage. Is produce local, organic and are leftover portions given to people that need them?
  • Refill a glass water bottle instead of using plastic bottles
  • Consider whether you really need another branded pen and notepad
  • Print all material on recycled paper and recycle discarded paper again
  • Use electronic presentation copies instead of hard copies
  • Reuse generic branding
  • If biodegradable nametags are not available, reuse nametags.

What we do for our clients, we do for ourselves. We’ve partnered with Earth Patrol to measure Blue Moon’s carbon footprint and dig deeper into what being green means.  Our internal “Green at Heart” campaign inspires personal responsibility for our carbon footprint.

What does “Green at Heart” mean?

  • Ongoing Blue Moon activations generating involvement in green issues
  • An on-site recycling scheme – reducing, reusing and recycling our waste
  • Pledges promising to impact on the triple bottom line