Having A Ball!

By Vusi | 06 May 2015 Blog home

What’s the value of a pit full of brightly coloured balls in a corporate meeting room? One might well wonder.

We first saw “the ball pit experience” online and loved it, instantly. It’s used by two people at a time. They climb into the pit and ask each other the questions on the balls. Simple! (We adore simplicity.)

And therein lies the beauty. It’s disarmingly naïve. It’s the kind of pure, uninhibited fun we had when we were small. And it takes you to that elusive, “free-flow” place your rational mind more often than not obstructs.

The aim is for the people in the pit to make a real connection with another human being, and to find common ground. (And guess what? They always do!)


So anyway, we tried to find a client brave enough to include it at an event, to no avail. So we took the plunge, built our own pit, invested in hundreds of colourful, baby-store balls, and tried it out in real life.

Business is all about a company’s brand finding common ground with customers. This is reflected and enabled internally by a company finding common ground for partnership with its employees. At Blue Moon, we’re in the business of enabling companies to find that common ground, and inspiring employees to keep the promises the brand makes to its customers.

“We take pride in the conversation tools we create,” says Michelle Caldeira, MD. “Quality conversations, by key stakeholders, around key issues in the business, drive transformation. It all starts with making a real connection.”

Our brand-new ball pit is just one of the many tools we use to inspire people.

In which areas of your business do you need to be inspiring and inspired?