LoveJozi Loves #Blue Moon25

By Vusi | 19 August 2014 Blog home

Brad Blogby Bradley, Creator of the iconic Love Jozi  brand.

Blue Moon is where my life and career changed forever.

When I was offered the job of designing for what was then a video production and events company, I had no idea what a fantastic journey lay ahead for me, and where it would lead.

In those days, Blue Moon had very little structure, which actually suited me perfectly at the time. I arrived at my first day of work in winter 1998 to find… nothing really. It was left to me to organise a computer, define my job, and even decide where to sit. I had to make my own place. After the confines of the advertising industry I loved this new challenge.

I met such original thinkers, the work was fun and every brief was different. Blue Moon always attracted interesting creatives and I formed life-long friendships.

Later on I was fortunate enough to be included as a director in the business. Not only was I a creative partner but I was also given the space to engage with strategic and fiscal decisions. As Andy Warhol said, “being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.” I learned from Michelle and my business partners about dedication, professional relationships, respect and work ethics.

When I think back to my nine years at Blue Moon the colour I see is the red of the well known ticket business card. That specific hue makes me think of a chapter in my career that was featured in technicolour. Animated, happy, challenging and mostly, it was real fun.