Millennials – my views on my generation

By Andy | 14 July 2016 Blog home

“Millennials” or “Generation Y”—or whatever we are called—are the generation everyone loves to hate. With our smartphones, our apps, our selfies, our social networks and our vanity we are known as the least patriotic generation and the least informed generation. However, I believe that because of our stupid social media and apps, we are the most patriotic and most informed generation.

Here are some of the many reasons to love Millennials:

We are widely accepting of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, more accepting of all kinds of people, no matter what colour their skin is, how they dress or what religion they are.

We are an effortlessly tech-savvy generation, share the love of being self-proclaimed software engineers and gamers. We have realised that being intelligent and geeky is cool. We care about helping others and volunteering.

We are so exposed to the hurt in the world through our social media and the Internet, we want to make a difference in the world we live in.

Sure, we use Google for everything, but that’s also because we love to learn and have intellectual discussions about everything from Syria to “Star Wars.” We aren’t afraid to chase our dreams and start our own companies.

We’re less concerned with conventional success and more concerned with finding enjoyment and fulfilment with our careers. When it comes to our careers, we’re quick learners and highly adaptable. Should there be a new social media site, guess what… we’re on it.

We’re more open minded. We’ve thrown out old-fashioned, sexist dating norms and gender roles. And in doing so, we’ve freed ourselves from the old-fashioned ideals of marriage and family to create our own love-filled relationships.

Are we cheap? If that means being penny pinchers by thrift store shopping instead of going into debt like our parents by buying fancy new cars and extravagant houses, then yes.

So, maybe, Millennials aren’t so bad, after all. And perhaps, we are exactly what this country needs right now. I mean, after all, the future of this country rests in our hands.