Mirror, mirror

By Andy | 25 August 2016 Blog home

Inside and outside, there’s only ever one corporate brand…

While not a brand new idea, Employee Value Propositions are certainly gaining traction with those who really believe that people are indeed an organisation’s most vital asset, and not least as ambassadors of its brand.

In a world bogged down by acronyms, corporate communication is not the only swamp. (Text messaging uses abbreviated words to the extent that they’ve almost formed a new language of their own.) At Blue Moon, though, we’re kind-of allergic to anything that alienates people, so we don’t really talk about EVPs outside of the Human Resources sphere. In each unique context, we like to rather express the EVP itself, instead of the generic theory that underpins it.

Essentially, though, an EVP articulates and expresses the full spectrum of value that an organisation offers to individuals, and what it expects from them in return.

Cutting across the external and internal marketing spaces, an EVP (also referred to as an Employer Brand) is as crucial to recruitment as it is to retention, acknowledging that talented individuals choose to work for a company, and that this choice is not made only at the acceptance of an offer, but rather continually, throughout one’s career.

As a competitive differentiator, it is a necessarily distinctive and compelling expression of a company’s brand essence. It cannot be seen in isolation and should instead mirror the key notions that inform the external brand while pulling all internal messaging together into a clear, cohesive “bigger picture”.

What we’ve learnt about EVPs-in-action:

• The most effective EVPs are those where all key stakeholders are aligned. A great partnership between HR, Strategy and Brand brings the EVP to life.

• Once established, the EVP should become the implicit basis for an organisation-wide communication strategy and rollout plan, to ensure that all communication is consistent, compelling and aligned to the brand promise.

Do your employees know and understand the full spectrum of value you offer them?
Do they have a clear idea of what’s expected from them in return?

We love the work we do in the EVP / Employer Brand space… and we bet we can motivate and mobilise your people to make the most of their opportunities while delivering the results you need. Get in touch.