“Mission Possible” with Blue Moon’s Norman Somi

By Vusi | 26 April 2013 Blog home

Norman.jpgNorman Somi, Integrated Employee Engagement (IEE) Producer at Blue Moon, shares his “Mission Possible” philosophy, top tips on keeping clients happy, and more.

My Job is to provide consistent, effective project management across multiple projects, including branding/design, print and client liaison.

As a producer I am responsible for leading the production of all campaign components as well as executing tactical plans as per the campaign strategy.

Being a producer can be tough. Not only do you have to be able to multitask, but you also have to deal with various requests from clients.

When it comes to work I always apply the “Mission Possible” motto.

I love the constant adrenalin rush (laughs). Producing a job that a client looks at and says “Wow!” makes it so worthwhile.

Teamwork is critical. To come up with a good concept takes a team of producers, creatives and designers. It would be impossible to produce the great work we’ve done as Blue Moon without teamwork.

My five tips to maintaining great client relationships in IEE are:

#1: Attention to detail

#2: Deliver on client expectations

#3: Follow through on commitments

#4: Show your client you appreciate them

#5: Stick to deadlines

My role model at Blue Moon is Deana Heslop-Mthembu. She’s shown me that nothing is impossible in production – if something doesn’t work find another solution. Also, your next production must be better than your previous one.

A recent highlight for me was being involved in the first live broadcast of the Metro FM Awards – which trended internationally on Twitter.

After a hectic job I spend time with family- they always just know how to take my mind off work. Also, a trip to the spa always the trick!

Outside of work I travel and dance – when I get the chance.

My big goal for this year is going back to study.

One thing my colleagues don’t know about me is that I have developed a passion for cooking.