Saying “Howzit” to Hamilton

By Vusi | 13 March 2013 Blog home

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Hamilton Dlamini is a well-known South African actor who first worked in Industrial Theatre with Blue Moon in the 1990s. He’s just come off the road from doing his latest theatre collaboration with Blue Moon, for Somkhele Mine. We caught up with him to find out more about him, and how it went. 

You’ve been acting for a long time. How long?

I have been in the industry since 1984; I have a 29 years’ experience.

How long have you worked as a freelance actor for Blue Moon?

I’ve worked with Blue Moon since 1990, when Industrial Theatre was unknown in the country. I am amongst those who established this kind of theatre in SA… Along with Lucasta Baloyi, Matthew Mofokeng, Seputla Sebogodi and Patrick Shai, to name but a few.

What role did you play in the recent Somkhele Mine theatre piece?

I played Malume Malusi, who is the backbone of the community.

 What did you enjoy about the part?

I enjoyed his strength, power and understanding. He is able to take a complex module of Somkhele Mine and change it into layman’s language.

How did the audience respond to you?

People love me as an actor, and they also loved the character. He made everyone feel at ease.

What do you think makes this kind of Industrial Theatre powerful?

It is the simplest form of communicating with different kinds of people, across all social distinctions.

What’s next for you, acting-wise?

I am directing my own movie and most of the actors I want to source are from around the Somkhele Mine area. I have seen a lot of raw talent that needs to be given a platform in the entertainment industry.

What do you love about being on the road?

I love learning about my country, seeing the vegetation, landscape, clouds and animals. I am a Sagittarian and I find life comfortable outdoors.

And you enjoy meeting the people, too?

Yes, it’s great shaking hands with them, and I’m grateful for their support through watching all the shows that I do on television and in theatre and films. I love meeting my audience live, and sharing ‘good life’ with them.

How would you like to collaborate more, as an actor?

I want to work with people at grass roots level, and see them grow to be better people in the society.

Lastly, what is it like working with Blue Moon?

I love working with Blue Moon because I now understand how things should be done in order to leave an impression. We never fail, Blue Moon and I.

That’s wonderful! Thanks for your time, Hamilton!