The Art of Creative Exchange

By Vusi | 15 June 2012 Blog home

If only 7% of communication is verbal, how do we    understand the other 93%? Delving into the heart of a business requires an intense first chapter of employee engagement, which means ‘hearing’ what’s not verbalised at first. This is where the art of engaging people through creative exchange begins.

Our listening tools extend beyond what Mele Koneya and Alton Barbour identified in Louder Than Words… Nonverbal Communication (1976) as the balance of communication: 38% vocal, as in volume, pitch and rhythm, and 55% body movement. Tapping in to the (often) unconscious culture of a business by using all these tools is the starting block of integrated employee engagement.

And how divine this can be, as we discovered within our own business first. Blue Moon identified the values of Fresh, True and Brave to be at the core of what we do, and we crystallised these values using brand print exercises and other employee engagement tools. This meant identifying with specific sensory triggers and observing our brand speak come to life. To honour our values of Fresh, True and Brave we stepped up to the plate, literally, celebrating with fresh oysters and bravely slugging back chilled Russian vodka with our true friend Justin Cohen Justin Presents. These associations mark our ongoing desire to be relevant, ethical and creatively innovative. In the words of Karl Weick, “Simply pushing harder within the old boundaries will not do.”

For over 21 years we’ve been unearthing the beating heart of businesses, creatively distilling corporate cultures and refining visions and values. We’ve honed a sixth sense attuned to the subtleties of complex corporate structures and created an entire Integrated Employee Engagement language of our own. As Peter Drucker said, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” And then there’s David Guetta and Afrojack who simply say, “It’s ‘cos we’re louder, so much louder than words…”