The Beauty of a Soundscape

By Andy | 28 April 2015 Blog home

Eyes closed, minds open.

Entertainment is energising. Videos are evocative. Theatre is compelling. All three are powerful opening gambits for your employee engagement events and conferences. But if you’d like to achieve the same response and bang for your buck, then you can do no better than a soundscape journey to inspire imagination.

Houselights down… volume up. The soundscape begins: a theatrical combination of voice, music and sound effects that takes your audience on a journey of subjective interpretation. They are invited to close their eyes (ideally with a branded sleep mask), tune in and access the magical theatre of their minds.

Jose Silva, a pioneer in mind empowerment research, is dedicated to awakening the human mind’s hidden potential. He explains that Alpha brain waves are present when we are relaxed, when our eyes are closed, when we slip into a daydream or during light meditation. “It is an optimal time to programme the mind for success. It heightens imagination, visualisation, memory, learning and concentration. It is the gateway to your subconscious mind.”

Introducing your audience to key messages or concepts through a soundscape journey is therefore a fantastic way to place people in a state of mental readiness for an information-intensive session ahead.

Our top tips for an effective soundscape journey:

  1. Keep it short and punchy: 90 seconds max!
  2. Use simple storytelling or intriguing narrative to paint a picture
  3. Build up to a single-minded message reveal
  4. Put your listener in the story
  5. Don’t fill with voice wall to wall – pauses are powerful
  6. Stay away from HR/corporate speak
  7. Use repetition and rhythm (the basis for suggestive hypnosis)
  8. Leverage sound effects and directional sound for dynamic variation
  9. Don’t necessarily use the company’s regular voice artist
  10. Set context or embellish theme with a memorable metaphor