The Edgars Peak Trade Operational Conference

By Vusi | 27 November 2012 Blog home

Driving Ownership and Passion

Set against the backdrop of the negative economic climate, especially in the apparel retail sector, the Edgars Peak Trade Conference set out to inspire leadership to take the message of consistent execution, ownership and passion, back to the Edgars operations.

The two-day conference was designed to be a journey for the delegates. Day One was planned to give employees a perspective on the issues around ownership and passion. Day Two was intended for delegates to come up with practical ideas around the burning issues in the business.

Day One saw delegates surprised with the appearance of Alison, the survivor of a horrific rape ordeal. She told a chilling tale but because of her positive outlook on life, delivered a message of hope and inspiration to delegates.  It was a brave decision to open with Alison but it really paid off as the delegates were able to draw a parallel to the challenges in their own lives. This opening talk set the tone for the conference; it fostered a positive approach to the rest of the proceedings.

Day One closed off with delegates challenged to make fire without lighters or matches. Dr Bruce Copley provided the context and inspiration for this feat as he prepared delegates to ignite the passion they had inside of them and work together in teams to create fire. Initial frustration and perspiration soon turned to victory whoops and laughter as the teams put theory into practise. 

Day Two saw a reenergised team hard at work with facilitator Juliet Jenner helping them get to the bottom of issues hampering consistency and excellence in operational execution. Innovative Blue Moon engagement tools helped the facilitator cut through the clutter and focus the attention on the issues at hand.

The delegates left the conference with a renewed energy, passion and a commitment to make the most of the upcoming Peak Trade Season by consistently executing on the Edgars procedures and training.