Vicki Re-Vamps

By Vusi | 25 March 2013 Blog home

Blue Mooner Vicki Oudmayer recently added “Interior Decorator” to her list of work accolades. During this interview we discovered that being opinionated doesn’t always equal having good taste, and other quirky Vicki facts. 

3.jpgWhat do you do at Blue Moon?

Creative Director / meeting rebel.

How long have you worked at Blue Moon?

Seven and a half years – no itch yet!

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Sharing: ideas, work space, giggles, stories and cake… And I love it when I can focus on writing with my iTunes at full volume.

You were integral to the recent décor changes at Blue Moon. How did this start?  

Ashina, our office manager, introduced us to an interior decorator who rocked my world with red and black retro fabrics.

What did you do?

Made the new creative section downstairs the most desired hotspot at Blue Moon.

Who did you work with?

Byron, Ashina, DJ, Alfonso, Dom, Bonga and Lisa all had fresh ideas, but we have Michelle to thank for making it all happen!

1.jpgWhat was your brief?

I actually wanted to squeeze all the Eskom Creatives and Designers together at one long table of unity so that we could hold hands and conquer the world, but we ran out of space for desks. So, Alfonso created a niche in the old storeroom for the design gang. The writers got the penthouse suite with loads of space.

What were your timelines?

We moved into our space in February, and the turnaround took less than a month.

What was your inspiration?

My first inspiration was to bring the creative community back together so that we could share work, brainwaves, inspiration and loud music!

And décor-wise?

Michelle gave us carte blanche to paint, re-cover furniture and bring our space to life. I love Blue Moon’s colour palette, and two years ago we created a red accent wall and silver grey walls – the idea spread, so why not to our new environment too?

2.jpgWhat else did you decide on?

When the decorator showed me the red retro pattern couch fabric I was dizzy for it. Once we were set on a couch area with coffee station for mini brainstorms, we thought why not add a blackboard wall to scrawl and scribble ideas and words that move us.

Is the iconic Blue Moon “tree” involved?

Indeed! The newly whitewashed tree will become a showcase for our artwork. Plus, Alfonso embraced our secondary palette and chose a bright bold yellow in the design space – Arriba!

 Any challenges involved in being an interior decorator?

Yes, being opinionated doesn’t mean I have good taste. I deferred to DJ and Alfonso for their artistic eye. We were going to hang about a zillion  “font man” mirrors all over the walls. I curbed my enthusiasm.

What’s next, Vicki?

I hope to play more at work. I think it stimulates free thinking, productivity, passion and creativity. In my new capacity of as interior decorator, I am winning the war on colour in my home, one vibrant accessory at a time.

Go Vicki! Thanks for brightening up our day!