Viv: In the Creative Hotseat

By Vusi | 13 December 2012 Blog home

To find out more about the creative process at Blue Moon, we went to the ever-effervescent Vivienne Bezuidenhout who’s been working here as a Creative for nearly three years. Viv shares her thoughts about work synergy and more in this interview – including what she won’t be giving up in 2013…

How would you describe your role as a Creative?

It’s as “right up there” in status and pressure as working for the Peace Corps in the Middle East – and that’s only during a brainstorm! For the rest of the time, though, I’d have to say that I’m one of those irritating people who really love their job! I get to play with words for a living – probably the only thing that I’m really good at. Being a Creative at Blue Moon is best summed up as having the responsibility to help our clients think and express themselves extremely clearly.

How do you get inspired?

Ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere – as long as you’re in absorption mode! I’m generally a visual person, so I usually start by referencing images and clips on the net… it just depends on the type of job I’m writing for.

The synergy between Producer / Creative / Designer is fascinating – how does that work?

Did you ever see the scene in The Lion King where the hyenas come to nip at the heels of baby Simba and Nala in the elephant graveyard? That’s what the Creatives and Designers go through when the Producers are on deadline. But on the whole, I’d have to describe it as a symbiotic relationship where we all depend on each other to deliver an amazing job. No one is less or more important than the other.

What is the most challenging part of the creative process?

I get stuck with two things…

1.      Getting started, because I have to get into my creative mental space first – which usually only happens in the small hours of the morning.

2.      Knowing when to stop creating, because I could carry on trying to perfect my work until someone forcibly removes my keyboard.

What about being a Creative do you enjoy the most?

Besides being given the initial freedom to pour my creative interpretation into the job I’m directing, I find it particularly gratifying to see the end result. I get to dream up a concept that makes my audience believe in the message, breathe life into it through the words that I use to elicit a commitment from the audience, and watch as the campaign or event comes to fruition through people’s participation in what started off as a small idea in a brainstorm.

Have you noticed any trends emerging in terms of creativity in 2012?

One thing that’s been interesting to see is how our clients often move together in phases in what it is that they’re communicating. This year I think we had three different clients all focusing on innovation in the workplace at the same time – and this is only one of many examples. The challenge is to come up with fresh and inspiring concepts that unpack various aspects of the same issues, while still remaining fresh, true and brave on every job!

How would you describe the creative “energy” at Blue Moon?

Blue Moon’s creative energy is unique. It doesn’t have ego attached to it. As a team, we get much value and entertainment from sharing our ideas and inspiring each other.

You’re also involved in Blue Moon’s Green at Heart project?

I’m the writer for Green At Heart, responsible for all internal messaging about ‘green’ issues – probably because I’m a bit of a zealot when it comes to our planet and sustainability.

You’re also a supporter of Meat-free Mondays…

I have been a certified Meat-free Monday campaigner for about two years now, much to my son’s disgust, but it’s truly something I feel passionate about. It’s such an easy way to reduce your personal carbon emissions, protect the environment and improve your health. Go check out the link at and tell me that it doesn’t make sense!

Green at Heart highlights this year?

Over the last year, Blue Moon’s carbon footprint has decreased by 10%! When we initiated our internal Green At Heart campaign in March 2011, we did an independent audit to establish where we were on the South African ‘greenometer’, and what we could improve on. One year and two carbon audits later, we remain operational as a certified carbon neutral organisation.

This sounds like an industry first?

To the best of our knowledge, there is still no other local corporate communications company that offers a comprehensive turnkey green eventing solution on the scale that we can – that’s one small carbon step for Blue Moon, but a giant leap for our industry!

Name five things you won’t be giving up in 2013?

My diet. Having said that: strawberry daiquiris, wearing purple, my day job and my sleep!