Employee Alignment

We pride ourselves on our collective ability to gain a real, in-depth understanding of company strategies from the bird’s eye view, right down to the roots – the people who make it all happen – and find the best ways to make it all come to life.

Employee alignment is all about creating links for the people behind the bottom line. Connecting understanding with empowerment, everyday efforts with big-picture success, inspiration with action, and… well… a lot more.

Here’s a glimpse of how we inspire people to connect:


We know how to put on a show – be it a launch, activation, conference, awards show, theatre, roadshow, or live broadcast. From concept to execution, we use our decades of experience and insights to deliver end-to-end wow moments for everyone involved – both live and virtual.

While as industry leaders there is no sense in being modest, we do stay humble. We are obsessed with learning, growing, and pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the eventing curve.

Here’s a small taste of what we’ve done:

What we do

Strategy & Insight > Creative & Concept > Project Management

Communication strategy

Looking at everything from the big picture to the smallest details

Communication plans

The what, the when, how, who, where… integration and optimisation of all the channels

Conversation tools

Enabling teams to have the conversations that get everyone on the same page

Industrial theatre

Connecting people to the message through performances that inspire and engage

Visual learning

Bringing concepts and content to life through design, image and animation shaped by purpose

Digital communication

Maximising and enhancing corporate digital frameworks to deliver impactful messaging

Employee workshops

Working with people at all levels to create customised solutions through deep understanding

Video creation

Partnering with trusted suppliers to create visually exciting content that delivers all the right messages

Roadshows and events

Promoting leadership visibility and keeping people in touch with what’s going on in the business


Delivering high-quality, expertly created and produced content backed up by 30+ years of getting it right


Awakening senses with carefully crafted verbal and non-verbal stories that set any scene in any space


Getting people involved through fun and rewarding experiences driven by meaningful content

Our Clients